Okinawa Soba
Okinawa Soba

Okinawa Soba is native to Okinawa. The noodle is unique because it’s made with 100% flour. It’s considered a Chinese styled noodle because of the ingredients and recipe for making the noodles.
According to “Ryukyu Kouryu-shi (Ryukyu Exchange History)” in China, its’ origin is “Konayu(means soup-noodle in Chinese)” and it was presented at the memorial service for the King, forty nine days after he passed away in 1543.
It soon became a food for nobility. The rich people were able to eat it during Meiji period.
After World WarⅡ, it spread to ordinary people. It caused that various kinds of Okinawa Soba were made in many places to make money.

Okinawa Soba
  • Sanmainiku
    Pork from the rib area. Cooked with soy sause and sugar. This must come with Okinawa Soba as one of toppings.
  • Pickled Ginger
    This gives a kick to the Dashi (stock) flavor from the pork bones. It is told that people loving Okinawa Soba are particular about red pickled ginger.
  • Kamaboko (Boiled Fish Paste)
    Okinawan Kamaboko is fried. There are many kinds of Kamaboko.
  • Noodles
    Okinawa Soba which isn’t made with buckwheat flour is chewy. The more you go north, the thicker the Soba is.
  • Dashi (stock)
    The base of dashi is pork and fish. In some areas, they put chicken, konbu (a kind of kelp), shiitake (a kind of mushroom) in the stock to give it a unique flavor. The flavor of the stock is very crucial.
  • Shima Negi
    (Green onions raised in Okianwa)
    Shima negi is necessary and used as a spice. Futo negi (thick green onions) are sometimes used as well. Some diners don’t chop the onions until right before it’s served to preserve it’s aroma.
Okinawa Soba

Original! Okinawa Soba 1kg
(5 servings / piece meal pack)

This is a standard Okinawa Soba which was founded and nurtured by the Kingdom of the Ryukyus during its relations with China. It is conveniently packaged at 200g each.

Okinawa Soba

Okinawa Soba L Pack contain
(2 packages X 200g)

The noodles have "koshi"toughness but not dry and slurpy texture. The soup is pork bone based with an "attitude." The garnish is pre-seasoned sanmainiku. Please relish Okinawa's unique flavor.

Okinawa Soba

"Soki" Pork Ribs Soba L Pack contain
(2 packages X 200g)

Boil the noodles, place it in the prepared soup, garnish it with the pre-seasoned "Soki" Pork Ribs, and enjoy the original taste of "Soki" Soba.

Okinawa Soba

Raw Okinawa Soba
(Uncooked Room Temperature)
contain (3 packages X 110g)

Standard Okinawa Soba Menu 3 Meals Set for souvenirs or as appreciated gifts.

Okinawa Soba

Raw Okinawa "Soki"Pork Ribs
Soba 3 Meals Pack
(Soft Rib Cartilage)

A deal set with a light soup base made from pork bones and packed with pre-seasoned "Soki"Pork Ribs. Please enjoy the Okinawa flavor at home.

Okinawa Soba

Raw "Soki" Pork Rib Soba
12 Meals Pack

Soft Cartilage "Soki" Pork Ribs garnish is pre-seasoned with classical ingredients. Please enjoy the triple taste as one combined delicious taste with the noodles, garnish and soup.

Okinawa Soba

Luxury Soba Meal
Set 6 Meals Pack

The "Koshi," toughness of the noodle, is strong and the taste increases with chewing. The recipe and the making process brings out the best of the stickiness of the wheat flour mix by adding the perfect amount of water, salt, and salt water as a well thought-out quality product.

Okinawa Soba

Raw Okinawa Soba
2 Meals Red Bag

"Okinawa Soba" differs from what is called "Soba" that is refered to in rest of Japan such that no buckwheats are used in the ingredient and the noodles are chewy. Please enjoy it with the accompanying soup.

Okinawa Soba

Raw Okinawa "Soki" Pork Rib
Soba 2 Meals Bag Type

Adding the Island Chili Pepper pickled in "Awamori" Distilled Spirits over the popular menu "Soki" Pork Rib Soba is the ultimate way to enjoy the fabulous taste of Okinawa Soba.

Okinawa Soba

Okinawa Soba L Pack 200g
(Soft Type)

Popular Long Noodles. Shelf life is excellent with two weeks and preservatives are not used.

Okinawa Soba

Okinawa Soba Soup Base

Liquid Soup Concentrate contained in 390g PET Bottle for convenience. Approximately 18 servings.

Okinawa Soba

"Juushii No Moto" Spice Pack
for Steamed Rice (180g)

Sun Foods Company's Okinawan Style Spices for Rice is filled with tasty ingredients!


Sun Foods Company established its noodle factory in Matsukawa, Naha City in 1968.
We aim to provide products that are delicious and healthy to our customers. Starting with Okinawa Soba as the main, we have provided many other products to date.
Our company has high regards for the safety of the products we make. In April 2004, our company has incorporated the International Standard Organization's ISO9001-HACCP system, which is the first in the Noodle Industry of Japan.
As a food manufacturer today, to provide delicious foods is expected and a norm. We are stepping forward from here onwards to provide products that are "deliciously good for health and enjoyable."

Okinawa Soba
Company Name
Sun Foods Company, Limited
Hatsuko Dohi
4-13-6 Nishizaki-Cho, Itoman City, Okinawa, Japan 901-0306
Contact Us
TEL(098)852-3330 FAX (098) 852-3315
January 20, 1968
35 million yen
Description of business
Manufacture and Sales of Okinawa Soba Noodles and other food products